Superhelt søges

Superhelt søges

Musicals for BørneCancerFonden

Fredericia Teater, 2019


Manus: Henriette Rostrup

Komponist: Mathias Madsen Brun

Instruktør: Mette Louise Ovesen

Kapelmester: Susanne Svanekjær


UmbrellaGirl: Anne Mette Roest, Golfboy: Daniel Livbjerg Bevensee, Chillboy: NIklas Frandsen, Mor: Sara Gadborg



  • The second part started with another comedy: “Superhelt søges” (“Superhero wanted”) tells the story of a boy called Daniel, who asks for a superhero online. His call is answered, as energetic UmbrellaGirl appears. Fearing UmbrellaGirl will leave again, if she discovers that Daniel called her just because he was bored, Daniel gives her the name of the only villain he knows: his overbearing mom. This is a happy-go-lucky piece and though they all must have been exhausted (like everyone else involved in this insane concept), it can truly be felt that the actors had much fun with their roles. Sara Gadborg was just on point as the mom, while Daniel Livbjerg Bevensee, Niklas Frandsen and Anna Mette Roest – whose entrance as UmbrellaGirl was hilarious – made it easy to believe they were portraying teenage kids.