Brood – Short Stories

Brood – Short Stories

The short stories have appeared in Bombay Review, Coal Hill Review, Parhelian Literary Magazine and The Write Launch.

The short story The Final Chapter is nominated for a 2021 Pushcart Prize.

in 2022 the short story Burn will be published in World Literature Today.



  • Henriette Rostrup is a convincing storyteller with a solid style and a flowing language. The author masters the jump in consciousness from the normal mind to the mentally deranged as easily and smoothly as it happens in real life.


  • Henriette Rostrup doesn’t come in peace, and she doesn’t feed us concillatory or heartening stories … She doesn’t know any soft short cuts … the short stories are really potent and well constructed.


  • A short story collection as intense and dark as a brownie of the best kind. What more can you wish for? Only that Brood will be followed up by a series of novels, each one the story behind each short story.

    ALT for Damerne

  • Each story is a little horror story, which you can’t stop reading until you reach the end, to find out where the tragedy starts and ends. It is a fine debut.


  • The short stories are a long way from mainstream cultures depiction of women with energy, careers and wonderful private lives … Henriette Rostrups taciturn and chilling style is very much an advantage, when the outside temperature is high.

    Webmagasinet Forum/Kvinfo

  • A well written collection of short stories with psychological portraits, where the content and the style clearly and powerfully stands out. Her short stories reminds me of newer short stories by Naja Marie Aidt and Pia Juul.

    Danish Library Association

  • Henriette Rostrups succeeds in creating an – eerie – universe, which unites the short texts into an overall whole, where the sum is more than the parts, and it all ends in the elegant, macabre, long final short story … the depiction of Pauls infernal desperation is second to none.


  • Henriette Rostrups brillant debut is a fascinating and thought provoking collection of short stories, each one constructed like a small horror story.


  • Her imagination and insights into the deranged mind is impressive. And important. What does it mean to be normal? Get to know your own normalcy limits and jump aboard Brood.


  • Henriette Rostrups subject is not the expanded stories with motives and explanations. It is more like the detailed description of a mental condition, which gathers its eerie momentum in a bottomless pit, which we get a glimpse of at the beginning of the story, or which flows into the bizarre and absurde depictions of narrowed lives.


  • In the ten short stories Henriette Rostrup pulls the curtain aside for people who live lifes beyond what we would call normal. It is disgusting and alarming, but also very effective.

    Berlingske Tidende

  • The book is raw and captivating in its tone, and one is fascinated by the characters, their odd inclinations and the psychic chaos … when you’ve opened the door to the dismal and bleak everyday situations, it’s is hard to put aside Brood.