The Dead City, Book 3: The Wolf Witch

The Dead City, Book 3: The Wolf Witch

The final battle against the wolf-witch Grimelda awaits!


Alif wakes up in a stranger’s bed, in a stranger’s house, where the wolf-witch Grimelda holds him hostage. A piercing howl has yanked him out of a deep slumber. His old friends Grimus and Linnea have come to rescue him. Because Alif is the Boy, the one who will unite the children and lead the rebellion against the wolf-witch who has bewitched The Dead City. But Grimelda won’t give up without a fight, and time is running out. Will Alif succeed in gathering all his strength? Can he unite the children and lead them into battle before it’s too late?





  • It is very easy to be absorbed by Henriette Rostrup’s trilogy The Dead City. The story is thrilling with lots of action, but there’s also room for pensiveness. The protagonist, Alif, is both likeable and identifiable, and Rostrup narrates in a vibrant and youthful language, which will attract the target audience.
    Where the two first volumes were almost separate stories, Rostrup succeeds in bringing all the strands of the story together in Volume 3. We hear how the sleep sickness came about, and Linnea’s secret is revealed.
    ’The Wolf Witch’ is a successful end to Henriette Rostrup’s sombre and thrilling trilogy for young readers, who loves evocative stories without too much focus on the gory details.

  • The Dead city is a great series for novice readers of dystopias, because even though is it sombre, there isn’t a lot of explicit death and destruction. The story deals with themes such as relations, friendships and social order, wrapped in a overall theme of good versus evil.
    ’The Wolf Witch’ distinguishes itself by having a very well-balanced end to the trilogy. It is very well mastered.

  • It is a really great conclusion to the trilogy, which maintains the level of suspense and dark tone from the earlier volumes.

    Danish library Association

  • I think the books are great, because they're a bot scary and super exciting. I'll recommend them to people who love action and a little bit of horror.
    I'll give it 5 stars.

    Mascha - 12 years